Andrej Vnuk

Andrej Vnuk

Systems Engineer



Thycotic provides IT administrators with a tool for managing Privileged Accounts and sensitive information based on user roles.

Thycotic offers IT administrators   robust tools for segregation of tasks and role-based AES 256-bit encryption, which is used by the military.

It enables protection of  access to key systems, helping to counter effectively the threats of cyber attacks and significantly reduces the possibility of human error-Thycotic protects assets of each organization.

Secret Server uniquely solves password management for IT administrators and security specialists. It is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises. Secret Server represents an essential safety layer that protects against cyber attacks aimed at the privileged accounts, thereby increasing the security of critical data.

Every module can be controlled from a single console, ensures higher security level and saves time and money.

Why Thycotic?

62% of security breaches

 are from privileged

account abuse

up to 240 days

elapse from infiltration

to unveiling of the attack

60% of vulnerabilities can be

mitigated or even removed

with Privileged Acount Management

Thycotic benefits

  1. secure encrypted storage of passwords
  2. simple intuitive management of privileged accounts

  3. automated search for accounts and password management

  4. the possibility of auditing, monitoring and recording sessions

  5. reports and statistics approaches

  6. significant reduction of risk of human error

  7. integration with Active Directory, SIEM, OTP 

  8. option to manage access to cloud and  websites

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