NetApp Artificial Intelligence

Panagiotis Kokkonis

NetApp BDM - Greece, Cyprus & Malta

Training artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms requires data to flow like water through a fire hose. Remove AI infrastructure obstacles and bottlenecks and optimize performance from edge to core to cloud.

NetApp AI

Why NetApp for artificial intelligence?

The process of operationalizing AI requires massive amounts of data to flow unhindered through a five-stage pipeline, from ingest through archive. As enterprises of all types embrace AI technologies, they face data challenges (aka bottlenecks) from edge to core to cloud.

As the data authority on hybrid cloud, NetApp® delivers AI solutions that remove bottlenecks at the edge, core, and cloud to enable more efficient data collection, accelerated AI workloads, and smoother cloud integration.

Top reasons to deploy NetApp ONTAP AI

Go faster, spend less, better results…

  • Simplify deployment of AI environments
  • Save up to 70% over cloud-based deployments
  • Solve data center power and cooling challenges
  • BYOT – Bring your own tools
  • 50% Faster than DIY AI

NetApp ONTAP AI integrated solution

Preconfigured offering from NetApp and NVIDIA for optimal performance

Field proven AI


Simplify procurement, configuration, installation, and support with validated best practices

Full configuration


Validated solution from NVIDIA and NetApp® configured and installed by Arrow

Effortless support


Complete solution supported by NVIDIA, backed by NetApp

Predefined, configured, delivered, installed, optimized, and supported

Available machine learning operations environment from Domino Data Lab

Three available configurations, each with two capacity options

NetApp AI

NetApp ONTAP AI integrated solution

Prescriptive offering from NetApp and NVIDIA simplifies procurement, configuration, installation, and support for AI workloads.



Three configurations: small, medium, and large



Two capacity options for each offering, with available expansion



One number to call for support

Predefined for simplicity, with multiple configurations to match your business requirements.

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