Your projects may sometimes require special supply and transport conditions. Does your customer require a transport within or outside EU? Does the capacity of your warehouses exceed the current requirements? We are ready to help you also with such extraordinary difficulties.

    Domestic transport

    If you need to ship a non-standard order in non-standard time or if you need help with unloading or installation, we are the right partner for you.

    International transport

    We will be happy to prepare for you an attractive transportation offer to all over the world with the best financial and time conditions. At your disposal are also our rich experiences with the custom process in the countries outside the EU.


    Is a project delivery in one place or at a particular time unsuitable for you? Is it necessary to divide it into more parts? Do you need to configure the goods bought before delivering it to your customer or to add your materials? Inform us about it!

    Adjusting availability/Consignment store

    If you expect long-term deliveries of pre-defined goods or you only miss a product in our stock profiles, we will be happy to agree with you on an adjustment which reflects your requirements.