Azure Arc, 28th of March 2023

Jelena Prodanović

Brand Coordinator

Azure Arc: in today's IT world where companies run some of their workloads in the public cloud and the other parts of them in an on-premise data center it could lead to some challenges like how they can manage their own hybrid-cloud infrastructure. This is where Azure Arc comes into the picture! Azure Arc is an agent-based service that helps to onboard your on-premise Virtual Machines, K8S clusters, and SQL databases to Azure and manage them like a native Azure resource.

Join and see how Azure Arc helps companies to manage on-premise, hybrid, or multi-cloud infrastructures.


  • The age of hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Introduction to Azure Arc
  • Manage VM's with Azure Arc
  • Manage K8S clusters with Azure Arc
  • Live demo


  • Lecturer: Patrik Setalo, Microsoft Systems Engineer at ALEF Distribution HU
  • Duration: 1 hr
  • Location: MS Teams

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