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Welcome to the world of Cisco technologies, where security is our top priority

Discover a multitude of security solutions tailored to safeguard your digital landscape in collaboration with ALEF and Cisco. Explore how our partnership delivers advanced internet traffic protection, sophisticated email defense, and holistic security solutions to fortify your organization against evolving threats. From advanced internet traffic protection to sophisticated email defense, including whole concept solutions, ALEF is ready to ensure peace and security for your organization.

ALEF Group Revolutionizes Data Center Offerings with ExaGrid: A Cutting-Edge Backup Storage Solution!

ALEF Group is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking expansion to its Data Center infrastructure offerings, partnering with ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage, a trailblazing solution which provides the industry’s fastest backup and restore performance, a scale-out architecture with a fixed-length backup window as data grows, with comprehensive security and ransomware recovery. In a world where data protection is paramount, ALEF Group is taking a bold step forward to provide customers with unparalleled safety and dedicated backup services.

NetApp ASA: Next-Level All-Flash SAN Storage

NetApp ASA systems are part of our comprehensive NetApp ONTAP based storage portfolio, joining the NetApp AFF and NetApp FAS families. As a membership of modern all-flash block storage that’s designed for customers who need resilient, high-throughput, low-latency solutions for their mission-critical workloads.

Welcome to Belgrade

Dear Everyone,

We are using this opportunity to invite you to the yearly ALEF's NetApp Kick-off in Serbia. Here you can find the event information.

ALEF's Microsoft All Hands Meeting in Bucharest

Dear All,

We're taking this chance to extend an invitation to ALEF's Microsoft All Hands Meeting in Bucharest. Below, you'll find the details for the event.

Welcome to Budapest!

Dear Everyone,

We are using this opportunity to invite you to the yearly ALEF's NetApp Kick-off in Hungary. Here you can find the event information.

ALEF F5 Support Services

Autor: Marian Novosad

In partnership with F5, ALEF offers a program of technical support services for F5 products and solutions – ALEF F5 Support Services.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) built on NetApp, supported by Azure

In a world of hybrid workplaces, rapid changes, and more and more complex security challenges, customers are looking for a Desktop as a service (DaaS) solution which is easy to use, secure by default, and could be managed by themselves.