Transform Your Data Management with NetApp's AFF C-Series: Scalable, Secure, and Sustainable

Jelena Prodanović

Brand Coordinator

NetApp has announced the release of the NetApp AFF C-Series, a cost-effective all-flash storage solution, and the new entry-level storage system, NetApp AFF A150, which will be part of the AFF A-Series family of all-flash systems.

C stands for Capacity

Unleash the power of lightning-fast storage with NetApp's AFF C-Series! Say hello to sustainability, scalability, and security. Perfect for tier 1 and tier 2 applications, this all-flash storage solution offers unbeatable performance and affordability. Whether you're transitioning from hybrid/HDD storage, running non-latent databases and file environments, or seeking a secondary storage target for disaster recovery and backup, the C-Series has got you covered. 

NetApp's new AFF C-Series, consisting of the AFF C250, AFF C400, and AFF C800, provides:

  • Scalability: Get rid of storage inefficiencies with the scalable and flexible AFF C-Series from NetApp. Effortlessly deploy and transfer workloads
  • Security: Enjoy built-in security against threats like ransomware and exceptional business continuity with industry-leading availability. Minimize damage from disasters
  • Sustainability: Save big with the NetApp AFF C-Series. Benefit from 95% reduction in rack space, 85% savings in power and cooling, 4:1 efficiency, and seamless cloud tiering

AFF A150 - upgraded and improved version of the AFF C190

The NetApp AFF A150, created for mid-sized companies and remote/branch office deployments, offers enterprise-grade storage options at an affordable price for customers. Key features include: 

  •  Improved performance 
  •  Enhanced scalability and expansion opportunities 
  •  Reliable availability with support for MetroCluster IP

It's worth noting that the FAS500f has been officially renamed to the C250. You can find out more about this solution by clicking here.

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