NetApp je obnovio i proširio svoj FLASH portfolio koji sadrži All Flash FAS, EF-seriju, SolidFire, i E2800 All Flash diskovni sustav.

NetApp ispunjava sve zahtjeve vaših transakcija IT podataka


Smanjuje troškove i složenost konsolidacije poslovnih aplikacija na jednoj platformi

Poboljšava performanse s fleksibilnošću konfiguracije i prilagođenim postavkama

Omogućuje skalabilnost diskovnih resursa i poboljšava produktivnost


NetApp All-Flash Sustav za pohranu podataka

NetApp nudi najmoćniji izbor flash sustava na tržištu:


All Flash FAS





All Flash FAS offers enterprise class scale-out all-flash storage with the industry's most advanced data management.


  • Unified storage for SAN and NAS
  • Seamless data management from flash to disk to cloud
  • Best-in-class integrated data protection

EF-Series all-flash arrays deliver fast, consistent response times to accelerate high-performance databases and data analytics.


  • Accelerate Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases up to 20x.
  • Achieve consistent microsecond response—day 1 same as day 1,001.
  • Improve performance of your data analytics by more than 50%.

The all-flash E2800 provides affordable performance and simplicity for a wide range of mixed workloads.


  • Reduce operating costs by processing video up to 6x faster.
  • Boost performance up to 3x when accessing and analyzing data.
  • Achieve the lowest response time out to 100k IOPS.

SolidFire all-flash arrays deliver storage that is agile, scalable, fully automated, and guaranteed for the next-generation data center.


  • Scale out effortlessly and deliver capacity and performance on demand.
  • Deploy up to 15x faster than with traditional architectures.
  • Guarantee performance to hundreds of applications on a single platform.
Ključne spec.

do 360PB capacity

do 7 million IOPS

Top 5 in SPC-1 performance benchmark


do 825,000 IOPS

99.9999% availability—customer validated

Grow with modular 2U building blocks to 384TB


do 300,000 IOPS

Simple installation and administration

Grow with modular 2U building blocks to 384TB


do 4PB effective capacity

do 10 million IOPS

Granular, per-volume Quality of Service


ONTAP Software

  • Power enterprise applications.
  • Maximize data center agility.
  • Accelerate cloud strategy.
  • Simplify data protection.
  • Reduce operational cost.
  • Future-proof investment.
  • Eliminate performance silos.

SANtricity Software

  • Optimized for high IOPS and low latency
  • Proven field reliability with nearly 1 million installed
  • Simple and intuitive storage management 
  • Improve data protection with Dynamic Disk Pools
  • Improve data security with support for FIPS-compliant drives
  • Includes plug-ins for application-aware deployments of Oracle®, VMware®, Microsoft®, Splunk, Nagios, Puppet, and Chef applications

Element OS

  • Simple scale-out design without forklift upgrades, data migration
  • Guaranteed QoS eliminates performance tuning
  • Provision instantly and balance loads automatically
  • Complete API enables completely programmable storage
  • RAID-less, self-healing architecture provides rapid full-mesh rebuilds
  • Always-on, inline global data efficiencies maximize data reduction
Namijenjeno za
  • Modernizing shared infrastructure
  • Accelerating enterprise applications
  • Consolidating mixed workloads
  • Performance databases
  • Data analytics (Splunk, Hadoop, NoSQL databases)
  • OLTP and OLAP environments
  • Media streaming
  • Data analytics (Splunk, Hadoop, NoSQL databases)
  • OLTP and OLAP environments
  • Cloud-like deployments (OpenStack, CloudStack)
  • Enterprise X-as-a-Service
  • Advanced virtualization

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