Cloud Solution Provider

The Cloud Solution Provider program helps you go beyond reselling licenses to being more involved in your customer’s business.

  • Indirect resellers do everything for their customers from the distributor platform, including billing and provisioning. These distributors can have sophisticated marketplaces that indirect resellers leverage and white label, i.e. distributor automated billing and provisioning can be fully transparent to the customer, masked in a partner-logoed storefront, or partners simply manage it for their customers
  • Indirect partners also have the advantage of leveraging other value from the distributor, including access to credit, training, and sales support. To put it plainly, indirect resellers benefit from the investments made by distributors globally to participate in the CSP Program.
  • Distributors also provide extended value that is inherent in their business model. These include support offered to the partner during the sales process to determine the best solution fit for the customer and to prepare quotes, provide credit, and the training of partners around new products and concepts, e.g. cloud selling. Indirect resellers can take advantage of these distributor investments to drive value for their businesses.

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