AI-Powered Security & Simplified Multi-Cloud Management by F5

Konstantinos Chatzimichalis

System Engineer

F5 is on a mission to make AI persistent throughout its entire product portfolio, reduce multi-cloud application complexity, and make security easy to implement!

F5’s Distributed Cloud Services platform offers cloud-native, software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based application security and delivery services. This platform has now been enhanced with:

  • API code testing and telemetry analysis
  • Automated penetration tests to identify potential vulnerabilities, provide evidence of issues, and offer remediation guidance to improve security and ensure compliance.

In an increasingly distributed digital world, encompassing a variety of data sources, models, and services across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments, F5 is prioritizing the protection of API connections and the data they transmit. This is especially critical as enterprises deploy more AI-enabled services.

To address the use of disparate tools for securing APIs at build time and runtime, F5’s Distributed Cloud Services now offers a comprehensive API security solution that includes:

API code analysis and testing

Compliance analysis

 Threat surface assessment

Simplified Management and Unified Approach

F5 is simplifying the management of its Distributed Cloud Services Platform, helping partners meet customers where they are with application management and security. By unifying the management of Distributed Cloud Services, NGINX, and BIG-IP, F5 offers a critical approach to handling diverse environments, acknowledging that enterprises rarely operate within a single data center or cloud.

AI-Powered App Security

Later this year, F5 will release an AI assistant designed to change the way customers interact with and manage F5 solutions using a natural language interface. Powered

  • Generate data visualizations
  • Identify anomalies
  • Query and generate policy configurations
  • Apply remediation steps
  • Provide recommendations based on model training of the entire product knowledge base

Discover how F5 and ALEF are leading the way in AI-driven security and simplified multi-cloud management. Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our advanced solutions!

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