BlueXP: The solution for the management of any hybrid-multicloud data infrastructure

NetApp BlueXP enables you to build and operate an efficient, secure and high-performance hybrid-multicloud data infrastructure through a single control platform.

What does NetApp BlueXP offer?


• NetApp On-Premises • Cloud Volumes ONTAP • Amazon FSx for ONTAP • Azure NetApp Files • Cloud Volumes Service 

BlueXP lets you discover, deploy, and manage storage on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and on-premise



• Copy and sync • Tiering • Edge caching

Group 15000

Use BlueXP to move data as your business needs it by syncing, copying, tiering, and caching


• Backup and recovery • Replication • Ransomware protection • Kubernets

BlueXP lets you protect against data loss, human error, unplanned outages, or even ransomware or other cyber threats

Group 15011

Analysis and control

• Observability • Classification • Digital advisor


BlueXP allows you to monitor, map and optimize your data storage and managed domain

Why to choose NetApp BlueXP?


Support any workload, anywhere in the cloud

Leverage all infrastructure in a harmonized way, both on-premises and multi-cloud environments.


Enables security and resilience

It ensures protection, security and efficient administration of all data, regardless of where it is located.


Ensures cost control and simplicity

It removes the complexity of the underlying infrastructure and automates data domain tasks

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