Introducing Google Cloud NetApp Volumes

Picture combining the robust qualities of Google Cloud, including its reliability, security features, and innovative functionalities, with NetApp's state-of-the-art storage management technology and the highly acclaimed NetApp ONTAP data management software. The outcome?

Introducing Google Cloud NetApp Volumes—a fully managed file storage service designed to simplify the migration and management of your most complex enterprise workloads in the cloud. This solution guarantees faster, more intelligent, and more cost-efficient cloud operations than ever seen before.

Seamlessly lift and optimize demanding Windows applications and enterprise-NFS workloads without refactoring

Get local, capacity optimized protection with instant NetApp Snapshot copies, volume clones, and the ability to instantly change performance tiers

Get secure enterprise-grade storage with multiprotocol file support for file sharing, business applications, and disaster recovery

Maintain business continuity with intelligent data protection including scheduled Snapshot copies, instant volume cloning, and multiregion data replication

Cloud agility united with high-performance data storage

  • Simplify Windows and Linux file storage
  • Protect enterprise application data on Google Cloud
  • Scale storage independently of compute and optimize storage for Google Cloud VMware Engine workloads
  • Support remote workers
  • Eliminate overprovisioning and optimize cloud costs

For cloud-based enterprise applications, flexibility is key. Operate Windows or Linux apps on Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud VMware Engine with ease. Migrate apps seamlessly, retain the current structure, and explore modern cloud-native setups. Scale volumes (100GiB to 100TiB) and share data between traditional and containerized apps efficiently, optimizing data utilization.

Manage performance and storage spending on demand

Service level MiB throughput/TiB Workload types
 Premium  64MiB/s File shares, VMs, databases
 Extreme  128MiB/s OLTP high-performance databases, low-latency applications

Ensuring cyber resilience and security is vital for uninterrupted operations and business continuity. Count on us for strong, cost-effective safeguards and exceptional reliability.

Plan data snapshots for swift user-triggered file recovery and ransomware defense

Establish reliable volumes, ensure high availability via multiregion replication

Enhance compliance, privacy, and security with layered encryption, including customer-managed keys

Streamline your path to the cloud with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes!

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes makes it easier, safer, and more cost efficient to migrate and run your enterprise applications and workloads in Google Cloud. Need help getting started?

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