Mercedes-Benz create mobile office with Cisco Webex

The German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz intends to turn its cars into mobile offices. It has therefore joined forces with the American company Cisco Systems.  Cisco will provide the carmaker with Webex software tools, which have been widely used for remote communication. Mercedes made the announcement at the MWC wireless technology conference in Barcelona.

The Webex videoconferencing software will be fitted to the dashboards of some Mercedes cars that the carmaker will start delivering to dealerships in this year. The 2024 Mercedes E-Class will then be equipped with WiFi and wireless data connectivity, meaning that the driver will be able to download the Webex app directly to the dashboard display without the nessesity of a mobile phone. For safety reasons, users will only be able to use the audio while driving, with all functions only available once the vehicle is stopped. Facilities include video conferencing calls, automatic transcription, content sharing and the ability to respond (Reuters reported).

Working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic has helped platforms focused on video conferencing. Cisco plans to announce more partnerships at Barcelona this year, including with South Korea's Samsung to integrate Webex tools into its flagship phones, and with US chipmaker Intel for private 5G networks.


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