NetApp AFF C-Series redefines security, scalability and durability

An affordable flash solution based on the latest flash capacity technology

Why capacity flash with the AFF C-Series?

Upgrading to a cloud-connected all-flash data center
QLC capacity has increased and can deliver impressive performance, such as reducing power and cooling costs by up to 85%, with only a fraction of the footprint of hybrid storage. Flash performance also increases, meaning you can easily move many more workloads to flash. Plus, you can connect to the cloud quickly and easily in NetApp BlueXP.

Key benefits of AFF C-Series

AFF C-Series arrays are durable, scalable and secure solutions suitable for Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications with flash capacity performance and easy accessibility. 

The C-Series is ideal for: 

  • the transition from hybrid/HDD storage to all-flash storage 
  • running VMware database applications and file environments that are not latency sensitive 
  • a secondary storage target for disaster recovery, backup, and tiering


It lowers TCO and energy costs while simplifying operations. Save up to 95% of rack space and 85% of power and cooling costs compared to high-density flash capacity hybrid storage. You can save even more with guaranteed 4:1 storage efficiency for SAN workloads and easy tiering of cold data in the cloud.


Scale capacity and performance as data grows, expand capacity and eliminate storage silos with non-disruptive scale-out in a cluster. You can deploy and move workloads with the superior flexibility of unified support for different protocols (SAN, NAS, and object) and storage media (performance flash, capacity flash, and disk), as well as hybrid cloud, on-premises, or in the cloud.


Keep your important data safe, but within easy reach. Protect yourself against threats and get built-in, application-consistent data protection. Achieve superior business continuity with best-in-class security and availability that minimizes disaster losses.

Technical specifications



AFF C800

AFF C400

AFF C250

Ideal for 

More demanding workloads that require moderate to high performance and high capacity

Most enterprise applications that require the best balance between performance and capacity

Mid-sized organizations and organizations that need simplicity and premium performance

Maximum extension

24 nodes

24 nodes

24 nodes

Raw capacity




Maximum effective capacity




Scaling granularity

Up to 8.8PB effective

Up to 5.9PB effective

Up to 2.9PB effective

Controller chassis form factor

4U; 48 internal SSD slots


2U; 24 internal SSD slots

Power Consumption (Median)


1240W (with NS224)


Cluster raw capacity




Effective cluster capacity

Up to 106PB

Up to 70,8PB

Up to 34,8PB

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