Case study Raiffeisen

    Raiffeisenbank, one of the biggest and most important banks in Czech market, faced the problem of monitoring data flows in its data centres.

    This problem lay in a missing tool for a detailed overview of what was happening in the network at the level of communications. The customer required a solution involving the use of existing devices in the network and their supported protocols, the ability to automatically detect and track anomalies in traffic and consequently alert these anomalies.

    The ALEF NULA company, in cooperation with Flowmon Networks, designed a solution that uses the NetFlow version 9 protocol running on the existing network elements and Flowmon collector to store, display and analyse network statistics. It has been extended with the module Flowmon ADS (Anomaly Detection System), which performs the automatic detection of anomalies in the network and warns of any suspicious activity and network communications.

    Therefore the deployed solution serves not only to increase the security of the computer network and the detection of security anomalies, but also to detect operational problems and network events.

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