Financial services

    We know that IT projects can be a big financial burden both for companies and public administration; therefore we bring proposals how to alleviate this burden.

    We attempt not only to optimize the prices but we also provide advantageous financing options. We provide the clients who want to optimize their IT expenses also with advantageous outsourcing services, thus reducing overall costs by 15 through 20 %.

    Medium-term financing

    • The size of your IT project does not matter
    • For small projects (500 through 50 000 € ) we provide financing in cooperation with Grenke Leasing
    • For higher volumes (from 50 000 €)we provide branding financing Cisco Capital (not only for Cisco products)
    • Other types of loans and leases by agreement

    Short-term financing

    • Possible extension of maturity within 90 days (individually even more)
    • Preparing the schedule of instalments
    • Other tailor-made financial offers

    Protection against exchange rate risk

    We will protect you against an exchange rate change by fixing the rate for the day of the order or another date in the course of the project. We provide this service free of charge for the projects with a volume of € 30, 000 and more.

    Protection against an unreliable partner

    If you deliver our technologies to another entity and there is a risk that it does not pay you or pays with delay, we can individually agree on a guarantee provided by the bank.