Goran Lučić

Goran Lučić

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The KEMP LoadMaster™ is an advanced server load balancing and Layer 7 content switching appliance with integrated ASIC-based SSL Acceleration and advanced Application Delivery and Optimization (ADC) features.  The LoadMaster™ intelligently and efficiently distributes user traffic among application servers so that your users get the best experience possible.

The LoadMaster™ is an essential component of high availability, clustering and fault tolerance, all of which provide the infrastructure for reliable Internet sites and large corporate intranets.

Combining the latest advancements in Layer 4 and 7 server load balancing technology with high-performance hardware platforms, the LoadMaster™ is a value leader in purpose built Internet Traffic Management appliances.

All KEMP LoadMasters offer these must have features:

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing and Cookie Persistence
  • SSL Offload and SSL Acceleration
  • Comprehensive Health Checking
  • IPS - Network Intrusion Prevention System
  • Application Acceleration: Http Caching & Compression
  • Active/Hot - Standby High Availability
  • Simplified Configuration Using Application Specific Templates (MS Exchange
  • and Lync)
  • WAF- Web Application Firewall