Data center

    Cisco, NetApp – data center technologies for private, public or hybrid cloud.

    We provide flexible and agile technologies to build a data center with the advantage of rapid and effective deployment of applications with fast response, orchestration and monitoring. The solutions we provide enable the partners to differentiate themselves from the competition. All our suppliers sell the products solely through their partners, they will never jeopardize you by making a direct offer to the customer.

    Cisco Data Center architecture

    • Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) modern infrastructure brings innovation to the data center infrastructure on the base of centralized automation and a model with effective option to define rules for application profiles.
    • Cisco is the second largest global supplier of blade servers (the first largest in the USA) with modern architecture based on stateless comuting.
    • Cisco servers provide over 100 benchmark records in a wider range, from synthetic, application records to virtualization records in the performance.

    NetApp Storage System

    • NetApp Data ONTAP is the world's most widely used OS storage
    • NetApp is the first truly unified storage array in the world
    • NetApp storage uses 96 % from the Fortune 100 most successful companies in the world 
    • FlexPod is a validated set of servers Cisco and storage NetApp for rapid and effective deployment of the full range of enterprise applications as Oracle, Microsoft, VmWare, SAP, Hadoop and others.