Enterprise Network

     Cisco in the form of  Enterprise Networks architecture provides a world of wired and wireless networks with unified management, comprehensive network safety features,  switchers and routers for any usage scenarios as well as management tools with centralized management and reporting for the whole network.

    • Cisco delivers up to 70 % of all switches deliveries worldwide, according to the statistics of the Gartner analytic company
    • Cisco delivers up to 70 % of all corporate wireless networks worldwide, according to the statistics of the Gartner analytic company
    • When designing and delivering its network products, Cisco promotes a strategy, due to which the company ranks the second largest or the most innovative supplier on the given product market.
    • For the area of Next Gen Security solutions, according to the Gartner and NSS Labs company, Cisco SourceFire belongs to one of the most innovative solutions of the current security threats of a new type, along with the indication - the most effective security solution with the lowest cost per MB of transferred data.
    • In the area of routers, Cisco belongs to the pioneers bringing as the first ones innovative technologies as 40GE and 100GE Ethernet to the market as well as a rich portfolio of integrated services routers for security, unified communications, collaboration and computing which saves customers means for other devises.
    • Within a new SDN (Software Defined Networks) network concept, Cisco belongs to the first suppliers providing truly available products Nexus 9 000 series for ACI (Application Centric Networks). In such networks, the priorities are determined according to the new paradigm by applications and by their need of fast and safe response in the network, where the network controllers determine the intelligence of the network and sub-components as switchers take over the rules and policies from the central controller.