Central WiFiManager CWM-100

Marijan Bašić

Account Manager


This software controller allows you to manage and monitor up to 500 wireless access points either within a local network or remotely. It is free to download, works with a range of wireless APs and supports many enhanced wireless network management features as well as multi-tenancy and NAT pass-through.

Scalable, Flexible, Centralised AP Management
Manage up to 500 APs from a single location, complete with a multi-tenant structure that provides multi-layer management authority.
Remote Access Made Easy
Access Central WiFiManager anytime, anywhere through the Internet by using a web browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet.
Built For Business
Enterprise-level features such as bandwidth optimisation, web authentication (captive portal) and RF optimisation help satisfy the needs of the modern business environment. 

Web-based management
Software controller that can be installed on a Microsoft Windows computer and accessed through any device with a web browser such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. 
Multi-site management
Multiple distributed sites can be managed from a central location.
The multi-tenant architecture provides multi-layer management authority.
NAT pass-through
Controllers can manage wireless access points in remote locations even if they are behind a NAT device (router or firewall). 
Captive portal and access control
Supports local DB, external RADIUS, LDAP, POP3 and Wi-Fi passcode authentication.
Supports user access control. 
Auto radio frequency (RF) management
Supports automatic channel and output power optimisation. 
Bandwidth optimisation
Optimises wireless bandwidth.

Administrator can manage and monitor wireless network easily.
Enable captive portal and access control for employee and guest use.
Enable auto RF management, bandwidth optimisation and band steering for better wireless usage.
The CWM-100 server can be implemented in each school and the education authority can manage multiple schools.
Enable captive portal and access control for teacher and student use.
Enable multicast rate control and IGMP snooping to improve multicast performance. 
Chain store
CWM-100 can be implemented in the head office and then manage each store’s wireless network.
The staff can generate Wi-Fi passcode for guest use.
Enable captive portal, auto RF management, bandwidth optimisation.
Managed wireless service provider
Pre-configure APs before dispatching to customers.
Provide remote management of customer’s wireless network and network access.
Service provider can manage all access points whilst allowing individual customers to have certain management rights on their own network.