Cloud Exploration Awaits

    Here’s your open invitation to take charge of your cloud

    Uncharted territories. New horizons. Undiscovered worlds. Venturing out and exploring what’s new is vital to developing, growing, and prospering—for both you and your business. It can sound like a daunting prospect, sure. But it’s something you’re more than qualified to do…  

    Hey cloud explorer…

    You’re already part of a group of pioneers: the cloud explorers. You’re one of those key people leading your business on an adventure to take charge of your cloud environment.  ​

    The terrains you’ll cross on your voyage of cloud exploration depend on your specific challenges. But whichever world you need to explore, now or in the future, NetApp and ALEF have the experience to guide and support you along the way.

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    Which type of cloud explorer are you?

    Desert Explorer

    Just like the sands of the desert, cloud costs always seem to be shifting. We know how hard it is to forecast, optimize your budgets, and track your cloud return on investment, with no clear map of what lies ahead—and especially in the heat of dealing with everyday challenges. With our help, get the clarity of vision you need to navigate the ever-changing environment.

    Jungle Explorer

    As in the real jungle, it can be hard to stay on the right track with new (and known) predators lurking around every corner… especially when you’re relying on just one pair of eyes. So, don’t go it alone—our cloud guides will help you navigate through the tricky landscapes, avoiding the nasties along the way.

    Space Explorer

    Pushing boundaries with technology and exploring new frontiers: It’s all part of the day job. And, although it’s not your maiden voyage to the cloud, ensuring that you have everything for your mission is no mean feat. How do you offer on-demand environments to DevOps teams, or protect Kubernetes datastores against unforeseen events as you voyage to new worlds? Don’t explore alone. Lean on our technical abilities and advanced experience to reach new worlds together.

    Mountain explorer 

    It can feel like you’re on an uphill journey to simplify your cloud infrastructure management. You know that a path can be cleared by automating the monitoring of your entire multicloud environment, but when you’re so focused on day-to-day challenges, it can take a back seat. Let’s reach new heights together—we’ve got the experience to help you simplify your path to cloud management. 

    Respond to your open invitation to adventure

    We’ve already helped countless cloud explorers just like you to take charge of their cloud environments on the world’s biggest clouds. 
    Wherever, whenever, however, you’re exploring the cloud, we can be your guide.

    Let's explore together!

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