Free up your IT help desk …and you will be able to go home earlier and enjoy life :)

    If your IT team is stuck on the phone with password reset calls and they can’t help anyone else

    We have our Enterprise solution:
    Password Reset Server, It is a self-service password management tool.

    The major benefits for the solution are

    • Reducing help desk costs and time wasted.
    • Enforcing stronger end-user password controls.
    • Achieving compliance.
    • Offline Reset.

    Analyst research reported the average cost per ticket for password reset is 20 € each incident.

    Imagine the case of a Company with 500 users …it happens at least one per year to everyone. The yearly cost would be at least 10.000 €

    With Password reset Server, you would pay just a fraction (10%) of what you are paying

    Product Price 
    Yearly subscription for Password Reset Server up to 500 users inclusive of support 1.000 €

    Discover more watching the following video:

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    Thycotic prevents cyberattacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints, and controlling access

    Thycotic is the optimum choice in proactive Privileged Password, Account Access, and Endpoint Security for more than 7,500 customers worldwide including Fortune 500 enterprises.