NetApp ASA: Next-Level All-Flash SAN Storage

    NetApp ASA systems are part of our comprehensive NetApp ONTAP based storage portfolio, joining the NetApp AFF and NetApp FAS families. As a membership of modern all-flash block storage that’s designed for customers who need resilient, high-throughput, low-latency solutions for their mission-critical workloads.

    Discover the benefits of SAN solutions and do not need to loose money with every minute of downtime, or when poor performance prevent you from beating your competition or fulfilling your mission. Unified storage is often a convenient consolidated solution for file and block workloads, but you might prefer a dedicated SAN system to isolate these workloads from others.

    NetApp ASA is building upon the foundation of well-architected SAN and offers your organization the following benefits:

    99.9999% -  Data Availability Guarantee

    NetApp ONTAP systems already average more than six nines (99.9999%) availability across installed base, as validated by IDC. With NetApp ASA, it is enabled a symmetric, active-active architecture that’s typically found only on expensive high-end arrays. With this robust, simplified offering, NetApp’re confident that they won’t just average six nines across their installed base, NetApp’ll hit it on every ASA system.

    Access your data, always ASA systems
    ensure continuous access to your data during unplanned outages with symmetric, active-active controller architecture. With both active controllers capable of communicating to a LUN, this symmetric active-active configuration gives you uninterrupted access to your data, with rapid failover recovery.

    Massive scalability

    With the NetApp ONTAP cluster capability, which enables you to scale out ASA storage to more than 350PB of effective capacity.

    Comprehensive cloud connectivity available

    Effortless cloud connectivity with leading integration with leading integration to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others.

    Industry-leading storage efficiency

    That’s built-in and supported by a simple, straightforward Storage Efficiency Guarantee.

    Cost-effective integrated data protection

    As organizations become more data driven, the business impact of data loss can be increasingly dramatic—and costly. IT must protect data from both internal and external threats, ensure data availability, eliminate maintenance disruptions, and quickly recover from failures.  

    Get high performance and business continuity for critical SAN data

    If you’re looking for innovative, modern data storage for your mission-critical workloads, your search is over. You can find a system where applications run very fast and efficiently, and they can fail over automatically and continue to run if the unexpected occurs. Look no further than NetApp ASA

    Technical specification

      ASA A900 ASA A800 ASA A400 ASA A250 ASA A150
    Best for Performance-driven block workloads and mission-critical applications that require high resilience Most demanding block workloads that require ultra-low latency Most enterprise applications running on SAN that require best balance of performance and cost Mid-size businesses and small enterprises that require simplicity and best value for SAN Small and mid-size businesses that require simplicity and best value for SAN
    Maximum scale-out 12 nodes 12 nodes 12 nodes 12 nodes 12 nodes
    Maximum SSD 2880 1440 2880 288 432
    Maximum effective
    351PB 158PB 351PB 26PB 13PB
    Controller chassis
    form factor
    8U 4U; 48 internal SSD slots 4U 2U; 24 internal SSD slots 2U; 24 internal SSD slots
    Power consumption
    2450W (with NS224) 1463W

    890W (with DS224C)

    1240W (with NS224)

    491W 300W

    Source: NetApp | NetApp ASA datasheet HERE!