NetApp's 5 Simple Methods for Connecting Your Data Center to the Cloud

    Maximizing IT infrastructure is crucial for business success. Cloud technology offers scalability, capabilities and flexibility. Integrating cloud services with existing on-premises resources can be challenging. NetApp simplifies adoption of hybrid multicloud approach with ONTAP data management software that offers top-notch data services on a storage platform that is consistent across all major public clouds and on-premises. This allows you to use a single set of resources and a centralized management interface, NetApp Cloud Manager, to oversee your data and infrastructure across a hybrid multicloud without compromising existing applications, workflows or causing vendor lock-in.


    1. “Build a hybrid cloud in under 5 minutes”
      With ONTAP and Cloud Manager, you can seamlessly connect your on-premises environment to one or more public clouds, or migrate your data and applications to the cloud, in just a matter of minutes. ONTAP ensures that you have the same robust data services, whether on-premises or in the cloud, allowing for full compatibility and consistent data storage, management, and protection in any environment.
    2. “Set up hybrid cloud backup in less than 2 minutes”
      ONTAP and Cloud Manager provide an easy way to move secondary data from on-premises data centers to public clouds, establish centralized datastores for user access, and create disaster recovery environments in multiple public cloud locations. This approach enables you to benefit from more resources and enhance data protection by spreading it across multiple locations, all while preserving the architecture.
    3. “Tier cold data to the cloud in less than 2 minutes”
      Effortlessly move infrequently accessed or archived data from on-premises storage to the cloud using our automation solution. By tiering cold data to the cloud, you can clear up space in your data center, particularly in high-performance all-flash systems, and decrease the expense and management of on-premises infrastructure
    4. “Move data to the cloud for processing in less than 2 minutes”
      This solution enables you to transfer data or its clones from on-premises environments to the cloud or between clouds in just a matter of minutes for data processing. This facilitates the enhancement of your data center resources with cloud compute resources that can be accessed on demand, providing increased flexibility for dynamic workloads
    5. “Take less than 2 minutes to improve data security governance, and compliance”
      Easily store data in designated cloud locations to meet sovereignty, security, and compliance standards with just a few clicks. This allows for a consistent approach to data visibility, ransomware protection, and governance, regardless of the data's location