New partnership: ALEF and F5 Networks

    We have expanded our product portfolio through a new partnership: ALEF and F5 Networks!

    We would like to announce a new partnership, becoming an F5 Networks distributor for the Adriatic market. Thus, ALEF partners will be able to fully benefit from F5's top cyber solutions but also from the professional experience of our colleagues, experts in the F5 business area from the entire ALEF group. The ALEF - F5 partnership dates back to 2012 at group level.

    With over 25 years of experience, F5 is a market leader in Cloud, Security or Automation. F5  is an American company specializing in application delivery and security. F5 is headquartered in  Seattle, Washington , with development, production and administrative offices distributed worldwide.

    The range of F5 solutions 

    App Security
    Lets you know what your apps' vulnerabilities are and whether they can be attacked, so you can use the right solutions to minimize the risk.

    Traffic Management
    Enables you to improve load balancing, security, performance and management services to provide fast and seamless access to applications..

    You can use F5 solutions to secure and optimize applications that you are migrating to the cloud or that are already running in the cloud, as well as those that you are developing for the future.

    Automation & Orchestration
    You can use the automation toolchain components to efficiently provision, configure, and manage the services that your applications use.

    Our mission at ALEF is to provide you with the highest quality IT solutions. This emerging partnership propels us even closer to that goal, enabling us to deliver unmatched excellence within the market.

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