Siniša Antunović

Siniša Antunović

BDM for Data Centre Solutions


Nutanix™ Brings Enterprise Cloud Platform to HPE® ProLiant®

Siniša Antunović

BDM for Data Centre Solutions

    Nutanix™ Brings Enterprise Cloud Platform to HPE® ProLiant®

    HPE® ProLiant® customers can move up to the full benefits of an on-premises cloud computing environment to nimbly and efficiently keep pace with the application needs of their business. With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform™ capabilities, HPE® customers can run any workload at any scale. With Nutanix on ProLiant® servers, HPE® customers now have their own in- house cloud vending machine.

    The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software leads the industry with the combination of multiple hypervisor support, advanced data optimization, web- scale design including scale-out storage services, predictive capacity planning, one-click software upgrades and much more.

    HPE® ProLiant® servers have been will be extensively tested and certified by Nutanix to run business-critical applications at scale on Nutanix Acropolis™ and Prism™ software. Deployment will be fully supported by HPE® channel partners and Nutanix™ global support and services teams throughout the entire IT lifecycle, including initial installation, infrastructure scaling and troubleshooting.

    Now you can easily:

    • Build a full infrastructure stack with just HPE® ProLiant® servers and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software.
    • Eliminate expensive and complex SANs and simplify your datacenter using ProLiant® server storage resources.
    • Radically simplify infrastructure management with one-click software upgrades, infrastructure scaling and troubleshooting – freeing IT staff to focus on business applications rather than the infrastructure.
    • Start small and scale your infrastructure without limits by adding ProLiant® servers one at a time.
    • Cut the cost of virtualization with the Nutanix native AHV hypervisor and integrated virtualization management.
    • Simply add Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software to your ProLiant® server with no change to your architecture or operations.



    How is Nutanix on HPE® ProLiant® Supported?

    Nutanix provides first call support for the complete HPE® ProLiant® hardware + Nutanix software solution.

    Nutanix addresses all software-related issues, and proactively coordinates HPE® hardware support cases through TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network –, which then hands off to HPE® for hardware support and replacement.

    Customers get a single point of contact for all issues, and benefit from Nutanix’s unmatched 90+ Net Promoter Score (NPS).


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