F5 Distributed Cloud Network Connect

The F5 Distributed Cloud Network Connect is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to deliver seamless, secure, and centralized connectivity across public and hybrid clouds, as well as data centers and edge sites.

Unveiling Commvault® Cloud Powered by Metallic® AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, securing your data has never been more critical. Introducing Commvault Cloud® Powered by Metallic® AI, the cutting-edge cyber resilience platform designed for the hybrid enterprise.

NetApp ASA C-Series - the future in your hands

Recently, NetApp introduced the AFF C-Series systems, representing a significant leap in technology by delivering nearly flash-like speed with the cost-effectiveness of hybrid flash. These systems are designed specifically for NAS and unified use cases, empowering organizations to elevate their infrastructure economically.


Enhancing Traffic Control with F5 and Quest Software's SharePlex

| Konstantinos Chatzimichalis

In today's hyper-connected business landscape, the success of enterprises hinges on the efficiency and reliability of their networks and application management. F5 Networks and Quest Software™ have recognized this imperative, and together, they are transforming the way businesses approach these challenges.

F5 SSL Orchestrator

Do you know how to protect encrypted traffic? Have you wondered how encrypted traffic is protected today? How to defend against attacks that are hidden in encrypted traffic? 70% percent of today's internet traffic is encrypted, 80% of websites today are encrypted using SSL/TLS.

Cisco Webex devices certified for Microsoft Teams

| Patrik Friso

Cisco is continuously focused on improving hybrid collaboration. Both from the point of view of safety and from the point of view of the introduction of new technologies and the way of simplifying and streamlining this type of work.

Partners and Certificates

Working with our partners is an essential part of our growth and success. We highly value long-term partnerships, which have the greatest impact on our day-to-day operations in the market.

ALEF holds many specialized certifications.

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