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NetApp ASA C-Series - the future in your hands

Recently, NetApp introduced the AFF C-Series systems, representing a significant leap in technology by delivering nearly flash-like speed with the cost-effectiveness of hybrid flash. These systems are designed specifically for NAS and unified use cases, empowering organizations to elevate their infrastructure economically. The AFF C-Series has surpassed anticipated performance, offering organizations a top-notch, budget-friendly storage solution. Businesses opting for the AFF C-Series can upgrade their current hybrid flash or 10K hard drive-based storage systems at a comparable cost, all while transitioning towards an all-flash environment.

NetApp Data Fabric

Discover the future of data management with NetApp Data Fabric! 

Introducing Google Cloud NetApp Volumes

Picture combining the robust qualities of Google Cloud, including its reliability, security features, and innovative functionalities, with NetApp's state-of-the-art storage management technology and the highly acclaimed NetApp ONTAP data management software. The outcome?

BlueXP: The solution for the management of any hybrid-multicloud data infrastructure

NetApp BlueXP enables you to build and operate an efficient, secure and high-performance hybrid-multicloud data infrastructure through a single control platform.

NetApp AFF C-Series redefines security, scalability and durability

An affordable flash solution based on the latest flash capacity technology

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a subscription-based software solution that runs the NetApp ONTAP storage software. This versatile platform offers reliable and secure storage management services for Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS storage environments. By leveraging Cloud Volumes ONTAP to construct your cloud storage infrastructure, you can harness enterprise-grade features and capabilities for your cloud storage needs.

NetApp HCI

NetApp HCI is an enterprise-scale, hybrid cloud infrastructure that gives you the ability to provide users with a public cloud experience from your private cloud. Deliver an as-a-service experience to your users while maintaining complete control over performance, availability, and costs.