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Free up your IT help desk …and you will be able to go home earlier and enjoy life :)

If your IT team is stuck on the phone with password reset calls and they can’t help anyone else We have our Enterprise solution:Password Reset Server, It is a self-service password management tool.

Creating complex services in Azure with content switching

| Andrej Vnuk

The telephony market has evolved from early beginnings where a switchboard operator had to manually connect subscribers together to today’s software driven exchanges which can offer a variety of services.

NVMe - A Step into the Future

| Ana Bodžić

This fall, NetApp completely refreshed its FAS hardware line. Although some might argue that proprietary hardware is a thing of the past, I would argue that plenty of innovation remains in the process of assembling hardware systems out of industry-standard components.

PAM - why NOT to save passwords in Excel

PAM or Privileged Account Management is a tool that helps to secure and manage administrator passwords, access to sensitive corporate data and accesses for service and application accounts from a single console, with clear division of authority and detailed audit.

NetApp SOLIDFIRE - Storage Intended for Those Who Actually Hate Storage

Every now and then, deployment or development of new applications probably in every organisation is hindered by infrastructure and people in charge of it. That is the reason why ever-increasing number of IT development companies takes up using cloud technologies.

ALEF People

ALEF ADRIATIC team consist of people with long term experience in the IT industry/distribution and education delivery.

Our goal is to provide operational excellence and to offer full technical support to our partners. We have local technical resources providing pre-sales, technical and post-sales support in order to get partners started or to give additional support on projects. Regional technical team (ALEF Group employs over 50 high skilled system engineers) is on our disposal and can support biggest and most complex projects.