Data center technologies for private, public or hybrid cloud

We are partner with the largest and most advanced data center technology suppliers, and thanks to this we can offer you a comprehensive solution using all their advantages together. You get flexibility , the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy applications with immediate response, orchestration and monitoring . The experts from ALEF will create a data center tailored to your needs - the competition won't stand a chance.

Why to choose ALEF as a solution partner?


Cisco Data Center Architecture

  • Modern Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) brings innovations to the infrastructure of the data center based on centralized automation and a model with an effective possibility to define rules for application profiles.
  • Cisco is the second largest global supplier of blade servers (in the US it is the first) with a modern architecture based on stateless computing.
  • Cisco servers provide over 100 benchmark records in a wide range from synthetic, application, to virtualization performance records.
  • We have Cisco ON STOCK for you! Check it out and contact us!

NetApp Storage System

  • NetApp Data ONTAP is the most widespread storage OS globally.
  • NetApp is the first truly unified disk array.
  • NetApp storage is used by 96% of the Fortune 100 - the world's most successful companies.
  • FlexPod is a validated set of Cisco servers and NetApp storage for fast and efficient deployment of a whole range of business applications , such as Oracle, Microsoft, VmWare, SAP, Hadoop and others.
  • NetApp provides innovations in the form of fully virtualized FAS series arrays based on the ONTAP Cluster-Mode OS.

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