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The controllers on C190 NAS, work in Active/Active mode. It means that the controllers work independently, each serving their workloads. 

On the occasion of a sudden power failure, all unregistered data will be copied to the controller's internal flash memory, so the data will be saved, in cases of longer failures (battery-assisted NVRAM memory).

Pregled inovacija na polju Azure tehnologija

C190 NAS

AFF C190 NAS has 2x64-bit 8-core Intel Broadwell-DE CPUs and 64GB RAM, and comes only in the pre-configured Express Pack variants with 960 GB and 3,8TB SSD drives.

  1. RAID-DP – RAID-DP is a NetApp default RAID type (RAID-Double Parity). It requires two parity disks per RAID group and protects data in case of a simultaneous failover of up to two disks. RAID-DP also allows on-line expansion of RAID groups.
  2. Thin Provisioning – functionality used for presenting to servers/clients significantly higher logical capacity than the physically occupied capacity on the storage system itself.
  3. FlexVol - logical containers. Over FlexVol all other functionalities are performed: Snapshot, deduplication, compression, compaction, thin provisioning, SnapMirror, SnapVault, etc. FlexVol logical volumes can be dynamically expanded but also reduced without interruption of applications’ operations.



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